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T H E   V I C T O R Y   H Y M N   1 9 3 5 - 1 9 9 5
b y   R O B I N   H Y D E
w i t h   a n   e s s a y   b y   M i c h e l e   L e g g o t t .  1 9 9 5


Among the materials transferred from the Griffin Press to the University was a gallery of Linotype consisting of the text of a poem by Robin Hyde set in 1935 for a pamphlet that was never issued. A search by Dr Michele Leggott of the English Department at the University of Auckland among the Hyde papers in the various collections found ten different versions of the poem, of which just seven were 'authorised', that is, were in Hyde's own manuscript or typescript.

This edition reproduces all seven authorised texts, plus the Griffin Press Linotype. There being no proofs or copy extant for the Linotype, it was printed just as it was found in the galley. For the other versions, no certain chronology was able to be established, and thus no clear definitive version was able to be identified. In this book, all the authorised versions are given equal status.

These decisions required a somewhat unusual design within the book. The different versions of the poem are regularly dispersed among the pages of Dr Leggott's essay, so that each text is set away from the others. In addition, the small number of lines common to all versions (there are 14 such lines out of more than 80) which form a kind of unchanging core a round which the  rest of the lines alter in both small and large ways, are printed in a second colour, blue. Also reproduced are examples of Hyde's handwriting and typescript, a photographic portrait of the poet Herbert Tornquist, and the original Linotype setting invoice of 1935.

The book is designed, printed and bound by Alan Loney. Typesetting, in 12pt Elzevir and 12pt Granjon, both Linotype, is by John Denny at Puriri Press, Auckland. Paper is Mohawk Superfine, with Canson Mi-Teintes endpapers and paper-covered boards, with quarter cloth binding. Illustrations use photo-polymer plates by Rennies Illustrations Ltd. Format: 290x165 mm, 53 pages. Edition: 100 hand-numbered copies.



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