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The Holloway Press was established at The University of Auckland, New Zealand, in 1994. It is named after Ron Holloway (1909-2003) of The Griffin Press, Auckland, who donated equipment, books and archives to the University. The Press was set up in the Library of the Tamaki Campus under the management of Alan Loney, poet and printer. All books published up to 1998 were designed and printed by Alan Loney. Most Holloway Press Books are now designed, printed and bound by Tara McLeod.

The publication policy of The Holloway Press is to publish a range of texts appropriate to the technology of hand-printing which have unusual literary, artistic, scholarly and/or historical interest and which are unsuitable for commercial publication. Wherever possible Holloway Press books include illustrative material. After some years of inactivity since Alan Loney’s retirement in 1998 the Press resumed an active publishing programme in 2001. 

In 2000, 2002 and 2003 The Holloway Press received grants from the Vice-Chancellor’s Development Fund. Management of the Press is located within the Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland. The Director is Dr. Peter Simpson.

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